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Jade culture

    The words say Monkey King Sun Wukong of that year makes paradise to steal  peach of eat the goddess the Queen Mother greatly, take off an eat an one mouthful to throw away, eating all good  peaches in the garden through, but those fairies peaches that is eaten an one mouthful by it to throw away, sink into the human life, the 10000 years  , be subjected to the spiritual influences of the world,  go absolute being, the fairies of the  flower and grass, the qualities of the essence, rear the bead light strange burst of color.Radiant and extremely keen, lovely 巧 with the result that, beautiful and artistic, achieve beautiful jade of each color.Since is the fairy thing, the nature takes spiritual influence, the ordinary mortal wear, having to settle surprised,tend  to avoid fierce of effect, from can prevent disaster to go to difficult, the rich and honored longevity give us peace and health.

    The jade chooses a person, a piece of jade, is not who wear all can, is the previous incarnation present life to flow to become medium necessarily, the talented person who has the jade good luck can wear jade, and, destine and a piece of jade to decree by destiny, also only wears that piece to decree by destiny with him of jade, talented person meeting because of the fortitude and resilience of the jade, and strong, would because of WEN RUN4 of the jade, and the tender feeling get up, leaning against for thousand years, innate intelligences of jade, person the meeting elegance, work properly to move, as a result, his life, will also float in the sky many  get up.How about that jade, will also absorb innate intelligence on person's body,  is smooth, more radiant, end, meeting with wear his person similar have a pulse, with wear his person a rhyme to get up, so, this jade lives then.


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