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          The legend of the jade

   The multicolored jade still has a beautiful legend:Legendary, wish to melt at enmity with to fight because of the water absolute being total work and god of fire, wished to melt to vanquish total work as a result, the total work eaten to lost battle let out the hatred to the human life, one  under, bump a head to not week mountain, not week the mountain crack, the big pillar that prop up an of world breaks to fold, the day fell flop the half side, hence, the sky appeared a big hole, in a short instant, the sky the big pours out surging flood just in the son, immediately the flood gobbled    more »  
    The jade identify

   The good and bad,true or false discriminator method of the jade article.
   The jade article store house of the sale is a lot of on the market, the jade article is divided into the nephrite and jadeite two major type generally.The jadeite calls jadeite again.
   In view of the chemistry industry         
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